We travel to your home and we provide in home care of your pet and your residence with the same attention you would. For new clients or when you get new additions – we will come and visit you and your pets for a free consultation and an opportunity to meet your pets face to face!

At every visit we make sure that your pets are healthy, safe, relieved, and well taken care of before we depart, but sometimes additional care is required. These UNEXPECTED DELAYS include : excessive clean-up resulting from pet incontinence, accidents or frequent vomiting, clean up from appliance malfunction, search for pets that escaped collar or confinement, complications administering medications, calls to maintenance crew, and any other unexpected situations that require additional time and attention.



Include the following services : Fresh Water, fresh food, play time, administration of medicine (if required), 10-15 minute walk for dogs (or 20-25 minutes for extended visits) , scooping for dogs, litter box cleaning for cats, bedding or litter for others (as needed), playtime, watering of plants, bringing in mail-newspapers-packages, taking out or bringing in garbage cans, turning on or off lights, opening or closing blinds, visit reports (pictures, email or text message).

If you have horses, chickens, indoor birds, fish, or exotics, we’ll address all their feeding and cleaning requirements too. We have experience with all of these!!

​REGULAR 25-30 MIN VISITS: $20 (+$2 per additional pet)
EARLY MORNING or LATE NIGHT VISITS$24 (+$4 per additional pet)
SHORT VISIT [DOG] (No feeding; 20 mins): $18 (+$2 per additional pet)
SHORT VISIT [CAT] (No feeding/scooping; 20 mins): $18 (+$2 per additional pet)
EXTENDED PET VISITS (45 mins)$27 (+$3 per additional pet)
UNEXPECTED DELAYS: $12 every 15 minutes



Includes the following services : Fresh water, walk time, scooping, administration of medicine (if required), play time, change of pads (if required). walk reports (pictures, email or text).

​15 MINS WALK    $ 18 (+$2 per additional pet)
30 MINS WALK    $ 27 (+$3 per additional pet)
45 MINS WALK    $ 37 (+$4 per additional pet)
60 MINS WALK    $ 47 (+$5 per additional pet)



$75 (+$5 per additional pet)

 10 Hours Visit, from 8 pm until 6 am. Includes the services of Regular evening and Regular morning visits, and the special care needed overnight. 



PHONE : (678) 983-3024